Église Saint-Martin

Of this church belonging to different periods, the oldest part is the choir, whose capitals with leaves and hooks, the shaped arches bordering the arches of the windows, the two columns with rings receiving the fallout of warheads, date from the first gothic age.
The nave has a lightweight barrel vault. The aisles, whose warheads rest on emblazoned consoles or consoles with human figures, and the south eastern part are, like the nave, from the end of the XNUMXth century.

The western portal, in flamboyant style, is topped with a beautiful rose which lightens the high gable of the roof.
To the north of the choir is a Renaissance chapel with classical brackets and warheads, covered externally by a gabled roof (1556).

Furniture: three white marble and stucco altars around the choir. Funerary monument from 1628 against the south exterior wall.


A church, witness to the history of the village

Classified as a "Historic Monument" in 1910, the Saint Martin d'Amagne church is the only old building in the town. The diversity of its architecture, the richness of its sculptures and its exterior and interior decorations make it a remarkable and unique monument, a true work of art.

Begun in the XNUMXth century, the construction of the current church continued, in successive stages, until the XNUMXth century. These stages testify to the more or less important parish life as well as the attachment of the inhabitants to their place of worship and their religion. But they also reflect the times of prosperity of the village community which provided most of the funding.

It is these stages of construction, transformation and expansion of the church that the author, Claude Metzger, retraces throughout the pages of this book, placing them in the context of parish and community life. A last part presents a description of the church at the beginning of the XNUMXst century.

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