Discover the Ardennes in complete freedom?!
It is possible with a motorhome where you will be master on board and go where you want according to your mood and your desires. There is no shortage of pretty spots in the Ardennes. Follow the leader !


No routine, permanent curiosity to discover new landscapes, feeling of being always on the move while respecting others and the environment.

Being a motorhome owner gives a great feeling of freedom and pleasure.

Motorhomes, don't hesitate any longer and come and explore the Ardennes roads. You will always find a place to settle down for a night or more.

The Ardennes, its wide open spaces, its generous nature and its incomparable viewpoints are yours!

A few simple rules to follow

The motorhome can park like a car. All he needs to do is occupy an authorized location. And its owners have the right to sleep inside. Even at night.

On the other hand, wild camping is prohibited on public roads.

From when do we practice camping? When removing accessories (awning, folding chairs, wedges, etc.).

Motorhome owners stay on campgrounds or on motorhome reception areas that are specially equipped for them.

For further information, please contact the Federation of campers, caravanners and motorhome owners.

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