On the heights of Monthermé, Roc la Tour is a must-see: a rocky chaos around three pillars.

This geological site hidden in the middle of the forest is grandiose, head to toe. Wherever you look at it, from the path that leads down, or even once on it, facing a magnificent view, this Roc will surely bewitch you. It is here for millennia. Engraved slates found prove that it was already a gathering place in prehistoric times. 

Geologists have a compelling scientific explanation for this tangle of quartzite blocks which dates back to a time when the sea still covered the Ardennes. But another legend is more readily told and perhaps you should think about it while surveying the premises. The Roc la Tour would be none other than the work of Diable. The result of his anger. 

The Devil's Work

A very enamored but penniless young man wanted to build a castle for his beauty. The Evil One, smelling the good shot, promised to build this castle in one night before the rooster crows, in exchange for his soul. The deal was made. A whole troop of witches and pie-pie-van-van then set in motion. But in a din such as the rooster woke up and sang long before daylight. berserk, the Diable destroyed the castle with a kick of his hoof, leaving only ruins behind. 

In summer, the walk will also lead you to an impressive sea of ​​ferns from which the Roc la Tour emerges. Great !

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As far as the eye can see, the Ardennes

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