Labeled Small Towns of Character® et Stage village, the citadel town of Rocroi is a marvel whose beauty is revealed in its entirety seen from the sky: a star on earth made up of a fascinating geometric ensemble.

Unique in France, this architecture in an exceptional state of conservation is similar to only one other city in Europe (Palmanova in Italy).  

Rocroi owes its fortifications to François 1er who wishes to protect the Kingdom on its border. At 3km, what is Belgium today, then belongs to the kingdom of spain. Designed to remain concealed for a long time from any invaders crossing the surrounding swamps, Rocroi is perched on a plateau at an altitude of 377 m.

Great victory for Enghien, future Grand Condé

The famous Battle of Rocroy, May 19, 1643, testifies to the effectiveness of its defensive system. Great victory of Enghien (future Grand Condé) over the Spaniards, it allows to establish the reign of Louis XIV while Louis XIII and Richelieu have just died in turn.

Thanks to the circuit Discovering Heritage specially designed to visit the city independently, discover this extraordinary city, from its Place d'Armes, the heart of the city where all the streets, up to its first belt of fortifications (16e century). Bastions, viewpoint, powder magazine, casemate, stable unfold throughout the course. The second fortified belt, ten-pointed star, designed by Vauban (17th century) finishes crimping the city and is observed from the ramparts with the brochure Rocroi, star city (4 km). 

In 2021, Rocroi represented the Grand Est to be "The favorite village of the French" and arrived in 7e position.  

Loïc Lagarde

Did you know?

Rocroi is known for its beer and especially its cheese. Very tasty, the latter is however the lightest in France and contains almost no fat. 

The Museum of the Battle of Rocroy

The museum of the Battle of Rocroy and the Thirty Years War installed in a former guardhouse of the 17e century. 

Guided tours. Information from thethe Tourist Office 

Entertainment all year round 

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