The loop of the Meuse at Monthermé is one of the most famous images of the Ardennes.

La meuse winding gently, the forest as far as the eye can see, the massif and its village perfectly marrying the meander in the valley. A pearl in a box, a concentrate of what the Ardennes has to offer: space, wild nature, calm, beauty, majesty... A place to breathe freely; an environment to explore Strolling along, by bike ou Moutain Biking

magical place and changing according to the brilliance of the sun or the flickering of dew or rain, this loop is observed from the site of La Longue Roche after having traveled a few kilometers through the woods. The starting point of the walk is from the Roche platform at 7 o'clock, a former open-air slate quarry. Regularly, several stops, a few hundred meters away, offer you a different panorama, gradually bringing you closer to the famous Monthermé loop. 

Discover the long rock site

Discover the Roche site at 7 Hours

To be discovered all year round…

You can also follow a small paved road for a few kilometers. Along the way, several information panels allow you to understand the surrounding landscape, in particular its very singular geology. Green in summer, this Meuse loop changes color with the seasons and discovers itself between mists, clouds and blue sky. To be discovered all year round... A perfect warm-up to set off to attack the other viewpoints around: the Roc la Tour in Montherme, the 4 Aymon sons in Bogny-sur-Meuse or La Roche au Sept Villages. 

Francois Denis


The Meuse meanders gently, the forest as far as the eye can see, the massif and itson village marry perfectly the meander in The valley.

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