Under each stone a legend is customary to say in the Ardennes.

Imagine when it comes to four rocky ridges emerging from the dense Ardennes forest at 260 meters above sea level. You're at Bogny sur Meuse, at the foot of 4 sons Aymon, the heroes of one of the most famous medieval Chansons de geste: Renaud, Allard, Richard and Guichard

Their silhouettes permeated the landscape in full cavalcade as they fled Charlemagne and his troops ready to besiege their Montessor castle. Thanks to bayard fairy horse they were able to leap across the valley.

A statue of the famous 4 Aymon Sons

To find out the whole story, go to the 4 Fils Aymon plateau on the heights of Bogny-sur-Meuse, where a discovery trail has been laid out. This pleasant walk will take you to a rocky peak at the top of which is a statue representing the four brothers surrounding their famous horse Bayard.  

At this place, the castle of Montessor would have dominated the valley, giving the name of Chateau-Regnault to one of the districts of Bogny sur Meuse below (the Renault castle). 

David Truillard

To know the whole story

Meet on the plateau of the 4 Aymon sons on the heights of Bogny-sur-Meuse, where a discovery trail has been laid out.

Discover the Rocher de l’Hermitage

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The Rock of the Hermitage : view from the left bank of the Meuse on the Rochers des 4 fils Aymon. the enchanter Maugis took refuge there. On the spot, also admire Dardennor, metal knight, creation ofEric Sleziak (Woinic's dad). 

Discover the story of the 4 Aymon sons, thanks to the Great puppeteer in Charleville-Mézières. One episode every hour. 

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