Absolutely captivating, le War and Peace Museum, built on a territory which was at the very heart of the conflicts (the Ardennes were entirely occupied on three occasions) proposes to discover the History which shaped contemporary Europe. For all. Do not miss !

7 km from the A34, in the village of Novion-Porcien, the silhouette of the War and Peace Museum is a real eye-catcher. In the manner of half-buried casemates, this exceptional museum, completely integrated into the landscape, hides a huge exhibition space of 5000 m² and more than 14000 objects dedicated to the three major conflicts that shaped contemporary Europe: the war of 1870; the Great War 1914-1918; World War II 1939-1945.

David Truillard

A fun visit

Thanks to an immersive, particularly original and captivating museography, visitors, young and old, follow at their own pace a gallery of time that takes them from 1852 to 1945.

Reconstruction of life-size scenes, dioramas of battles and front lines, exceptional collections of weapons and uniforms… A 10 m high glass roof can even house exceptional motorized vehicles (tank, shell launcher, etc.).

Each stage of the conflicts is presented with a wide variety of devices that allow you to live multiple experiences, such as the impressive wall of bullets or the reconstruction of an archaeological trench. The fascinating visit is perfectly suited to children for whom a special course has been written in partnership with Éditions Quelle Histoire!

The War and Peace Museum is also an excellent starting point for discovering places of memory and major historical and military sites in the Ardennes. All information is available on site.


Interesting and fun

A murder party to discover the museum collections of the 40s in an original way.

Murder Party: Who killed General de Geoffreville?

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