The Ardennes, its massif, its forest, its river and its pearly valley of picturesque towns and villages… Even more.

Simple and sublime, the Ardennes can be explored from north to south, from east to west with each time a new landscape heritage. Bocages, lakes, wooded hills, inspiring plains...
One of the most famous poets in the world, Arthur Rimbaud was born there and wrote masterpieces there.

Nature, sometimes wild, sometimes hospitable, offers itself at the bend of all paths. The forest has some great surprises in store for hikers and thrill seekers alike.
The banks of the Meuse with theEurovelo 19 will delight soft roaming enthusiasts. Its waterways are so many paths to follow on foot, by bike, on horseback or even by boat. There are many stops around lakes where you can swim, legendary rocks where you can dream, leisure centers where you can have fun...

To this fabulous landscape heritage are added exceptional architectural and cultural pearls:

Its fortified churches in Thiérache et its War and Peace Museum are two other must-haves for learning and discovering. A land of history, the Ardennes are also friendly and open to the world since they are being tested in three countries: France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

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