Hold your breath and savor the moment. From Chesne to Semuy, slide along the valley of the locks. To the feeling of freedom, add that of the privilege of entering the painting.

A crazy charm

The smell of cut hay. The croaking of a toad in the early morning. The delicious shine of a cherry tree. Soft, intimate, seductive, the valley of the locks has a crazy charm. Is it his lock keeper heritage from half of the 19e century, its sunstone houses, its mounds and hills bursting with greenery playing hide-and-seek or the exhilarating sensation of speed when the bike races through each lock?

26 locks

Nine kilometres, 26 locks and a height difference of around 70 m. This remarkable ladder of locks is a real treat, as well as a haven of peace where there are many invitations to take a break.

Here to observe a heron, there to watch for a kingfisher or there again to lie down in the grass and smell a few flowers.

Pleasant parenthesis

From the towpath, the landscapes and the villages challenge. Le Chesne, a town very close to Lake Bairon, Montgon, high up whose modern church has an impressive stained glass facade, Neuville-Day and its La Coquée district, witness to a time when families lived facing the canal waiting for barges full of goods…

A pleasant parenthesis where the simple pleasure of existence floats.

Along the water

For Hetty and Derrek, a real happiness

Every summer for 6 years, this Dutch couple from Utrecht likes to navigate the valley of the locks. A “very special” place for Hetty.

It's so different from home. In this valley, nature is so beautiful. Each landscape is a surprise. We like to stop there for a few days. The greenway allows you to enjoy the shore and the surroundings. It is easy to find fresh and local products.

"It's very picturesque", adds Derrek who loves to have fun with the "exceptional echo" of the valley.

Their dream: to take over a lock house.

Article taken from the magazine of the Tourist Development Agency "Ardennes Inspirations" and recomposed for the web.

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