In the heart of Porcien, its cereal plains and chalky subsoils, the Saint-Didier d'Asfeld church, with its Italian or oriental airs, looks like a mirage.

Made of bricks and slates, between pink and gray, it appears all in roundness, with its colonnades, its domes and its dome. Seen from the sky, its originality wins out: the Saint-Didier d'Asfeld church has the shape of a viola da Gamba. 

Classroom monumentThis surprising religious building was completed in 1685 according to the wishes of Jean-Jacques de Mesmes, Count of Avaux and also State Councillor, Member of Parliament and Academician. It was designed by two architects: François Romain and Fleury. The church houses an organ built around 1900 as well as several pieces of artistic cabinetwork (altar and altarpiece) made by the Asfeldois carpenter, Emile Romagny. 

International Viola da Gamba Festival

Every 2 years at the beginning of summer, the Saint-Didier d'Asfeld church is at the center of the International Viola da Gamba Festival. Firste edition will take place on July 6 and 7, 2024. Hundreds of musicians come from all over Europe to play all together scores rehearsed for several months at miles apart. Big names like Jordi Savall are associated with the event. 


A baroque church

All in curves, with its Italian or oriental airs, the church of Asfeld is a real curiosity!

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