Explore the Ardennes Regional Nature Park, is to encounter a proliferation of landscapes, between Ardennes Thiérache, Rocroi Plateau, Pointe de Givet and the Meuse and Semoy Valleys. Woodland and rural valleys, rièzes, steep cliffs, Meuse loop… Nature is queen there, the soil fertile and full of game. 

Red deer, black stork, lulu lark, red-backed shrike, Tengmalm's owl, Eurasian eagle owl, greater murin, spotted salamander... Exceptional species live there, listed within 54 Natural areas of ecological, faunal and floristic interest (Znieff) and seven Natura 2000 sites

The very singular geology of the PNR is noticed by geologists all over the world: the dry lawns at the Pointe de Givet (characteristic of the Givetian) and the Customs wall in Vireux-Mohlain, a 385 million year old fossil deposit are classified national nature reserves. Charleville-Mézières, gateway to the PNR, the coast of Bois-en-Val, a former quarry for the production of lime returned to the wild state is classified regional reserve

The Park House in Renwez

Powerful rural, forestry and manufacturing traditions as well as a rich history, warlike and legendary, make up its heritage today. In this profusion, the Park House in Renwez, right next to the forest museum, is a landmark for visitors. Of many informative brochures are available there to understand this territory and discover its tourist offer

The Ardennes PNR also supports local producers and artisans with the Park Values ​​brand which promotes virtuous practices in phase with the preservation of heritage. 

All year round many events (hikes, discovery workshops, etc.) are organized with the support of the Friends of Par associationc, which brings together local actors, ambassadors of the Ardennes. 

Celine Lecomte

You too can discover the treasures of the PNR

Exciting for adults and children alike!

Discover the entertainment program with “Rendezvous with the Park”: March to December 2024

Ardennes Regional Nature Park – Route de Sécheval RD140 – 08150 RENWEZ
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