Strong feelings! This is the key word of the experiences offered by Terraltitude, adventure park in the Ardennes based in the middle of the forest in Fumay, with the bridgehead Fantastic. Solo or in duo, a wind of madness will blow in your hair and your ears when you launch yourself 100 meters high on this giant zip line : 1,2 km long at a top speed of 110 km/h above the Meuse. Nice descent, isn't it? 

Test the catapult 

Always too well-groomed? The catapult should finish making your hair stand on end: imagine yourself propelled to 18 meters in 2 seconds. Still on the sensations side, the adventurers tower will stimulate your sense of balance: climbing, aerial course, leap into the void (20 m high) and zipline of 100 meters follow one another. The 5 ha of forest of Terraltitude reserve many other surprises. 

An adventure park for the whole family

You can first walk through the forest by off-road electric scooters for framed hike. Or take advantage of tree climbing course. More than 100 games at height are accessible and designed for all levels, from green to super black courses. Circuits are also suitable for the youngest from 4 years. The latter can still take advantage of inflatable structures as well as the free playground. 

Paintball from 8 years old 

Finally, the forest is home to a urban paintball field with biodegradable paintballs. Thanks to suitable equipment, children from 8 years old can try out this sporty and stimulating game. 


Magnificent view of the Meuse and Fumay

Active recreation in a magnificent landscape.

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TerrAltitude leisure park

D7A rue Jean-Baptiste Clement
08170 FUMAY
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