Eagles, genets, raccoons, bats… and two packs of wolves ! Nestled in the woods in the town ofOlizy-Primate, a few kilometers from Vouziers, the Argonne Discovery Park is a Zoo captivating. Indeed, between commented feeding, visit of the aviaries, show of birds of prey, documentary films, there is nothing to get bored of. All day entertainment is planned for those who wish. 

Attend the meal of the wolves 

For example, the animal caretakers of the PAD give you an appointment to attend the animal meal. You then experience exceptional moments during which certain more timid species can be seen: raccoons, European gray wolves, arctic wolves, bats. The rest of the time, everything is organized so that you can walk around in complete peace of mind. Because it is easier to observe certain animals in peace. 

Discover the nightlife of the fascinating axolotl 

To enjoy other unusual discoveries, a large interior space of 600m2, nocturnal, welcomes nocturnal species. A fascinating and very rarely visible world opens up to you: snakes, rodents, insects and in particular genets, Egyptian fruit bats and the incredible axolotl, a kind of salamander capable of regenerating its limbs. 

Jump in the jump hammocks

Between two activities and a walk, the park also offers picnic areas, a restaurant as well as fantastic outdoor games. We challenge you to resist new jumping hammock which is now equipped numerous play areas, a zip line, a tree house and slides that reach 15 meters high. Something to delight young and old! After so many emotions, the little farm offers animals that are much more reassuring than wolves: Ouessant sheep, Shetland ponies, Ardennes red turkeys... Around a hundred farmyard animals represent around twenty ancient and regional species.


What's New in 2024

In 2024, there is no shortage of new features at the PAD:

1/ In the “small farm” space:

  • We will now find the aviary there with parrots, blue and yellow macaws, the blue-throated macaw but also the scarlet macaw.
  • New residents like a Benett Wallaby, smaller than the kangaroo which will arrive before summer, an alpaca, cousin of the llama

2/ In the Nocturnia space:

  • A luminescent cave: animals painted in a reflective fresco, created by artist Cynthia Dormeyer. Immersive experience guaranteed.
  • The largest scorpions in the world, measuring up to 20 cm long, with two emperor scorpions with reflective shells
  • Arrival of three new genets (two males and one female)

3/ New arrivals for bird flight with two tawny owls, an African eagle owl and a spectacled owl.

4/ A new theme will be developed at the PAD: large predators

To learn more

Automatically become a animal caretaker for a day and go behind the scenes of the Parc Argonne Découverte. 

Animal carer prices for a day

Prices Min. Max.
Adult rate
75 € -
Child rate
125 € -
Sophie Bettig

Arctic White or European Gray

Still fascinating...

Prices Min. Max.
Child rate
9 € 10 €
Adult rate
12 € 14 €
Adult rate
35 € -
Child rate
25 € -
Visit of the Park (day)
9.5 € -
One day animal session
75 € -
instant photo
60 € -
9 € -
Visit of the Park (day) + brick workshop 3/11 years
10 € -
Visit of the Low Season Park
5 € -

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