A star city on a plateau, a lake and sparkling rivers in the wooded freshness or the remains of a medieval castle from the 11e and 12e centuries and one historic village in Montcornet...

On the way to enchantment in the territory of Vallées et Plateau d'Ardenne which brings together the plateau of Rocroi and the valleys of the Meuse and the Semoy. Why not on a paramotor? ! 

The historical heritage and the landscape environment are remarkable and invite you to stroll and gain height. Which is easy even without a propeller or wings, because many viewpoints and hikes to the peaks await you. Rock at seven o'clock, at the seven villages, Roc la Tour are all fantastic sites to awaken the senses, take a bath in extraordinary nature and take full advantage of the benefits of the Ardennes. 

In Montcornet, we go back in time!

David Truillard

Archaeological village or medieval castle?

In Montcornet you have the choice. Visit the 5 villages of Mont Cornu (Gaulic, Gallo-Roman, Carolingian, Merovingian and Medieval) or the ruins of the medieval castle which dominates the site.

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