On the way ! Hair in the wind, soft sun on the skin, landscape scrolling quietly... Increase the sensations of discovery while browsing the gates of Luxembourg aboard a convertible retro car.

Let's start with one of its pearls, the superb town of Mouzon with its medieval remains, its abbey and its surprising Wool felt workshop museum. Inherited from an ancestral tradition, felt finds applications today in advanced technologies. 

Continue your journey in a verdant setting of great beauty. Because the Gates of Luxembourg, bathed by the Meuse and the Chiers, benefit like all the Ardennes from a luxuriant nature. On the way, let yourself be surprised by remarkable buildings emerging in the countryside such as Our Lady of Valmy or the dazzling Charterhouse of Mont-Dieu. Also stop at Fort of Villy-la-Ferté. Located on the Magino linet, this historic site is rich in learning and emotions. What if, in the end, you swapped the steering wheel of your car for the handle of an airplane? Take off from the aerodrome of Douzy and discover the Portes du Luxembourg seen from the sky. 

David Truillard

Land of memory

Discover the remains of the Maginot line in Villy-la-Ferté.

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