Welcome to the southern Ardennes in this new tourist destination made up of the Pays Rethélois and the Ardennes Argonne. “Destination South-Ardennes” promises you great discoveries and typically local curiosities. Come on, we'll take you on a vespa in the Pays Rethélois and in a vintage van in the Ardennes Argonne. On the way for great adventures!

The Pays Rethélois by vespa

Then embark on a trip through the wooded alleys of this white and opulent town, born along the Aisne. The poet Verlaine taught there. To learn more about its links with the Ardennes, head to the Auberge du lion d'or in Juniville. You can visit the Verlaine Museum. Then, head west, hurtle down the valleys, cross the Porcian and its half-timbered houses. Finally, arrived at Asfeld, Saint-Didier church, baroque building, designed in the shape of a viola da gamba, can only subjugate you. Unique in the world.

The Argonne in the Ardennes in a vintage van

There's nothing like a van trip to take full advantage of the natural spaces of the Ardennes Argonne. Starting with the largest of them, the Argonne Discovery Park (PAD) in Olizy-Primat, near Vouziers. This park is home to two packs of wolves, birds of prey, raccoons and a host of nocturnal species. Enough to feed the curiosity of the whole family, to be amazed and moved.

Don't miss the ssuperb lock valley of the Ardennes canal where you can observe abundant flora and fauna. Stop by according to your curiosity. Each hedge, meadow, pond conceals a treasure of biodiversity. To convince yourself of this, go to House of Nature in Boult-aux-Bois with passionate leaders for nature outings. You can also stroll through this village where nature meets art, during the Champs Boult'où festival. It is also the village which saw the birth of “La Hulotte”, the famous naturalist magazine “the most read in burrows”.

Finally, enjoy your stay in the Ardennes Argonne in complete freedom until the end and spend an evening under the stars.

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