In one rural and bucolic environment, the territory ofArdennes Thierache invite to stroll. The flowery meadows color this hilly and bocage landscape where you can meet many animals: from the most widespread (cows, horses, poultry), to the most surprising (ostrich, camel, llama). And more… You can even hike there at a donkey's pace. 

Country of fountains and springs, housing the mythical Pothées forest (that of Clovis), the Ardennes Thiérache shells its nuggets, from village to village, along the paths or even the rivers. Discover its haughty fortified houses (Rumigny, Remilly-les-Pothées, etc.) as well as its fortified churches resembling castles (Signy-le-Petit, Rouvroy-sur-Audry). Because the architecture reflects the pangs of the past, that of religious wars and invasions, but the sweetness of life prevails.  

On foot or carried?

Carl Hocquart

At the pace of the donkey

Pleasant and quiet to discover the Ardennes Thiérache!

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