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Dans les Crêtes à cheval

Lovers of animals and horses in particular, you will not be disappointed by the Crêtes Préardennaises!
Find a historic building unique in France, the Post Office at the Horses of Launois-sur-Vence, a true witness in an exceptional state of preservation, of the time of stagecoaches and mail coaches! 

But also full of activities, whether for a horseback ride, with a donkey or at the pace of the Ardennes draft horse: 

At the Hoofs of Winds: 
A real riding school, do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Bourtembourg for a nice ride near Chuffilly-Roche, whether in a carriage or on horseback.
Lessons, courses, walks from thirty minutes to a full day, but also a campsite on the farm, the possibility of spending unusual nights, whether in the straw or in a magical kerterre!   

Relay Hooves: 
Committed to safeguarding and promoting the Ardennes draft horse, this association has set up in the Relais and offers several activities throughout the year, as well as horse-drawn carriage rides!
In order to preserve the heritage in direct connection with the Relais de Poste, the association is appealing for donations to restore two old horse-drawn vehicles
Find them when they are on duty at the Relais de Poste de Launois during each event organized, the first Friday of each month during the Local Producers' Markets and the second Sunday of the month during the Antiquity and Flea Market Fair.
A donkey in the Ardennes: 
Mr. Crametz offers you walks accompanied by donkeys, an animal with a gentle and friendly character. 
And if you are looking for an unusual night closer to nature, Mr. Crametz offers you total disconnection in his Cab'Âne, a small haven of peace located in the heart of nature, along a stream.

At the Rhythm of Arduino: 
Mrs. De Lange is a real enthusiast of the Ardennes Draft Horse, she offers unusual overnight stays in a caravan and carriage rides. 
He is also someone committed to the environment, who cares about reducing his environmental impact as much as possible.

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