The world seen from the sky is always captivating. The mosaics of landscapes, the river like a giant serpent splitting the earth, the villages resembling toys in a setting… Some photos give an idea of ​​this. But much more than the beauty of the place and the pleasure of the eyes, a walk in the air will seize you by the power of the sensations. Fly in a microlight or paraglider and feel the euphoria of the air and altitude. Several take-off points are distributed in the Ardennes, in particular in the valleys of the Meuse and the Semoy for free flight. Since the airfields (Douzy, Belval), other types of flights are possible: private plane, baptisms, two-seater flight, parachute jump... 

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Guy Potier Aeroclub

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First flight in Belval

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Club Aerostat du Pays Rethélois

From 180 €  / adult
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Parachute jump

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