Learn to recognize edible wild plants, spend an afternoon with farm animals, hike in the footsteps of an old stone quarry, set off at night in search of nocturnal birds, listen to the roar of the deer... The list is long and particularly varied nature entertainment offered in the Ardennes. Each year, a whole program of outings is concocted by Ardennes nature enthusiasts (RENArD, Nature et Avenir, Benj'anim, Les Amis du Parc, etc.); there are also dedicated places (Maison de la nature in Boult-aux-Bois, Ferme de Liart, La Maison du Parc). In groups, solo, with or without children, follow the guide.  

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Lambing and guided tour at the Ferme du Lion d’Or

From 18 €  / adult
Arts and Crafts

Dried Flower Workshop

From 13 €  / adult
Le 29 June 2024

Discovery: the fish of our rivers

Le 17 July 2024

Discovery: Fauna and flora of the marsh

Le 07 December 2024

Discovery: The European beaver

Le 12 October 2024

Discovery: Migratory birds

Le 28 August 2024

Fauna and Flora of the pond

Nature excursions

Goulven CHARPY

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