Discover the forest and the Ardennes trails on horseback is another way to have fun in the Ardennes. Whether you have your own mount or are looking for a framed walk, you will find the clogs that are right for you. Equestrian farms and relays are present throughout the territory. In addition, the many routes marked out for hikers are generally accessible by horseback riding. Suffice to say that there are many. 

For greater certainty, the Departmental Committee for Equestrian Tourism has a list of accommodation available to you as well as routes surveyed by riders. Be careful to check the practicability of the routes with the managers before you start. 

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Ardennes Attelages Attitudes

Aux Sabots de Vent – Équitation

Balade en calèche – Au Rythme d’Arduinna

Centre équestre de Donchery

Centre équestre des Forges

Dans les Crêtes à cheval

Écurie A2L

Écuries de la Pistole

Ferme équestre de la Chenaie

Ferme Equestre de la Yame

L’Etrier Ardennais

Les Crins de Verdure

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