A Rethel, it's a festive dish every day, thanks to the famous White sausage. Indeed, it is in this city of south of the Ardennes, that this delicacy, traditionally served at Christmas, has forged a fine reputation. Boudin blanc de Rethel benefits from a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). That is to say that its quality and reputation are linked to its geographical origin.  

On the top of the podium

Car Boudin blanc de Rethel has competitors. This artisanal charcuterie has various versions in Europe and in different French regions. But the Boudin blanc de Rethel is on the top of the podium. Moreover, he himself raised the sub-prefecture of the Ardennes to the rank of capital of white pudding. Nothing less. Why such an interest ? Because his recipe does not pretend.  

Authenticity and finesse

In this sausage there, you will only find white pork meat, eggs, fresh milk, shallots. Everything is seasoned, worked then stuffed into natural casings. Pure authenticity and finesse thanks to the presence only of pork, without crumbs, starch or other white meat (unlike white sausage). This recipe, passed down from generation to generation, is four centuries old.

Undisputed success

Paradoxically, this famous recipe made the success of a man who wanted to remain discreet: Jacques-Augustin-Henri Chamarande, officer of the king. At the beginning of the 17e century, when Richelieu forbade dueling, Jacques-Augustin-Henri Chamarande having broken the law, was forced to immigrate to Rethel. He hides there as a butcher and revisited the recipe for white pudding, with the success we know today. A successful conversion… and noticed. 

To be enjoyed with mashed potatoes or just apples! Enjoy your lunch ! 

An emblematic address

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