Large industrial center still today, department crossed by great events (Battle of Rocroy, Sedan, Maginot line), cradle of authors and poets (Rimbaud, Verlaine) or aviation pioneers (Roger Sommer, Jean Mermoz), the Ardennes have been a source of strength and inspiration for centuries. To discover this deep identity and understand the Ardennes of today, you have to visit its museums. In essence, places of collection and conservation, they present it in very rich themes : cultural (Museum of the Ardennes, Rimbaud, Verlaine, etc.), heritage (Forest Museum, slate museum, metallurgy, wool felt) or even historical (War and Peace Museum in the Ardennes, Fort de la Ferte). Among others. 

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Montcornet Castle in the Ardennes

From 5 €  / adult

Eco museum At the forge sand

From 2.50 €  / adult
Recreational leisure

Family Game Rimbaud: Arthur's Hidden Treasure

From 10 €  / adult

The War and Peace Museum

From 8 €  / adult

House B. Fieullien

From 3 €  / adult

Slate House

From 7 €  / adult

Last Cartridge House

From 3 €  / adult

Spanish House

Recreational leisure

Agora Museum media library

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