Point d'information touristique de Woinic

The Woinic tourist information point and its shop
Gateway to the department, along the A34 you cannot miss Woinic, Le Colosse des Ardennes, which dominates the landscape.

During a stopover on your way, you will find the Woinic tourist information point next to it.
In summer, you will find all the tourist information on the Ardennes and also a gift shop and local products.

Tourist information point:
Located in the Crêtes Préardennaises territory, the opening and operation of the Woinic tourist information point are ensured by the team of the Crêtes Préardennaises Tourist Office.

This reception point is above all a tourist information site very popular with visitors discovering the Ardennes. You will find all the useful documentation concerning the departmental tourist offer, from the lakes to the museums, through all the activities and the essential places of the territory to make your stay in the Ardennes a successful stay.

The Woinic is not only a mine of tourist information but also the ideal place to do your shopping in order to bring back a bit of the Ardennes in your luggage. Discover a range of souvenir products bearing the effigy of Woinic: magnets, mugs, stuffed animals, t-shirts but also honey or chestnut cartons.

Good discovery !

Open from April to October
We speak: French, English


Woinic, The Colossus of the Ardennes
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