ARREUX, Village fleuri "2 fleurs"

Obtaining 2 flowers in 2022

ARREUX!… A village of 350 inhabitants, its back arched over the very old Ardennes shale and forest and eyes fixed on the first of the limestone coasts that close the Paris Basin…. The harshness of the black rocks, the wind, the rain of a on either side, the light, the sweetness of an inviting countryside!

The houses that have known the last war huddle around a humble church to the private steeple. A imperial dome rare here and so common in France County.

In the village, we tell beautiful stories!… Those, not so distant, of clever craftsmen who are masters of iron and the fire of the forges… Others, more ancient, particularly that of Nicolas de Chastillon, Lord of Arreux, one of thefounders of the illustrious Royal School of Engineering of Mézières and its first director, and builder, in 1756, of the Château d’Arreux… Finally the extraordinary one, of a very courageous goat because It was in Atreux that Lacabre pinned the ku… Since that time, the inhabitants are called the Cabers.

If the inhabitants go a long way to work every day, they are very happy to returning to the village... Being there as a family. Enjoy a ride on the flowery paths that surround the houses… Try a mountain bike circuit or mini-basketball in the enclosed grounds for athletes... Make a stop at the eco-pasture... Or even dare to further walk to the protected wetland  who hides rare plants et two ponds where batrachians take refuge.

Precious green spaces… Personalized spaces of freedom!

We speak French


Town hall
High Street
08090 ARREUX
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