Smelling the scent of the earth with each stride, jumping into streams, breathing the breath of the forest... Trail running is a moment of intense communion with nature. A wild territory with marked relief, the Ardennes lend themselves particularly well to this sport.

Several trail races also take place each year in the Ardennes, including the famous Ardennes Mega Trail (AMT) bringing points for the UTMB and theAymon Trail, included in the Trail Tour National 2022.

Outdoor activities in the Ardennes

Four starting sites for the trail space
The Ardennes Regional Nature Park, whose massif is carved out by the Meuse and Semoy valleys, hosts a large part of the routes listed by Ardennes trail runners on the Vallées and Plateau d'Ardenne trail space. Four departure sites are proposed: Rocroi the starry city, Old Forges lake, Bogny sur Meuse (and the legendary Quatre Fils Aymon) and The Hautes-Rivières (starting point of the Ardennes Mega Trail). All are equipped with directional trail markers indicating the level of difficulty (blue, green, red, black).

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