A bike ride in nature

Extract yourself from the passage of time and enjoy the simple pleasure of existence... This is the promise of this secure 110km route along the Canal des Ardennes to be covered by bike. In this natural setting, from the towpath, you have a front row seat to observe, on this canvas of a thousand greens, herons, flowers and rays of the sun reflecting on the facades of the ocher stone houses. Good walk !

… punctuated by the unexpected

The region is full of unsuspected surprises such as the astonishing scale of locks between Le Chesne and Semuy or the atypical baroque church of Asfeld. In Voncq, Arthur Rimbaud took the train, in Attigny, Charlemagne had a palace... Let yourself be carried away by your explorations


Pont-à-Bar, entrance to the South-Ardennes Greenway

Pont-à-Bar, entrance to the South-Ardennes Greenway

At the intersection with the Meuse by bike EuroVelo19, the starting point of the South-Ardennes Greenway is in Pont-à-Bar, a port welcoming boaters from all countries. You will set off on a bucolic adventure along the Canal des Ardennes. Built to connect the Meuse to the Paris Basin, this canal, primarily for economic purposes, is today a slow traffic route for vacationers looking for peace and quiet. On this first stage, you are on the greenway, except for a few kilometers, where you follow the canal from the low-traffic departmental road.

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Greenway South-Ardennes, La Cassine-Vendresse

To the leisurely rhythm of the Ardennes nature and its graceful undulations, the greenway takes you not far from major heritage sites. At La Cassine, a former convent and the ruins of a castle are the scene of a unique summer sound and light show, but also many activities during the season. THE Domain of Vendresse, a place dedicated to families, is nonetheless a high point in the history of Ardennes metallurgy. It will masterfully present to you the birth of a cast iron flow. So, if you want to know more, don’t hesitate to discover these remarkable sites.

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The sound and light show of La Cassine en Ardenne©

Enjoy an absolutely unique experience by attending a sound and light show at La Cassine en Ardenne© near Vendresse. A mobile grandstand unique in Europe Imagine. It's night. Surrounding you is a former Cordeliers convent and a huge park where the ruins of a 16th century castle can be found. We…
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Greenway South-Ardennes, Bairon-and-surroundings

The town offers all the services necessary for refueling. You will be able to access by a cycle link to the Lake Bairon leisure center, a supervised swimming and leisure area, where there is a campsite and two restaurants.

Greenway South-Ardennes, Vouziers

This step is sure to amaze you. The Valley of the locks which begins in Bairon-and-its-surroundings is the most remarkable site of your journey. It is called the ladder of locks, it is made up of 26 locks, out of the 44 that make up the canal in all. The landscape evolves, slightly steep, and so romantic.
In Semuy, the greenway takes you along the Vouziers junction, to discover other landscapes and Vouziers, a small town full of charm where the escapades of the prince of poets, Paul Verlaine, still resonate.

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An enchanted valley of locks

Hold your breath and savor the moment. From Chesne to Semuy, slide along the valley of the locks. To the feeling of freedom, add that of the privilege of entering the painting. Crazy charm The smell of cut hay. The croaking of a toad in the early morning. The delicious shine of a cherry tree. Sweet, intimate, seductive, the Valley of…

Greenway South-Ardennes, Attigny

After Vouziers, the Canal and the Aisne river run their course often parallel, sometimes not hesitating to share their bed. This stage is rich in literary references: In Roche, Arthur Rimbaud came in summer, to the family farm. It was here that he wrote A Season in Hell. The American singer and writer Patti Smith stays there regularly. In Attigny lived another writer, André Dhôtel, prize Fémina 1955 thanks to his work “the country where one never arrives”. In this country, however, you will arrive and find all the shops!.
Attigny is a city where the memory of Charlemagne hovers, who built a palace there and minted coins there. A journey through the city will tell you about the fate he reserved for the Saxon leader Witikind and the resonance of this act until the 20th century.

Greenway South-Ardennes, Rethel

Leaving Attigny, you enter chalky Champagne, which marks a major landscape and architectural change. In a few pedal strokes, you enter the town of Rethel. The old city which was owned by Mazarin from 1663 is famous for its white pudding, do not hesitate to discover this local speciality. In the streets of Rethel, you can carry out an investigation through the history of this city and teleport yourself to the time of the poet Paul Verlaine. Go to the tourist office to start the adventure!
The greenway is on its own site along the towpath, however, between Ambly-Fleury and Givry-sur-Aisne, you will be on a site shared with car traffic for 2,7 km.

Greenway South-Ardennes, Asfeld

Your journey takes you to Asfeld. In this countryside with a cereal-growing landscape, the canal brings its touch of nature and peace. Here stands an incredible 17th century church with surprising shapes to say the least. The red brick adorns the baroque building where the straight line does not exist. A must-see… Every two years, the town hosts a unique viola da Gamba festival!
The greenway takes you to the border of the Aisne department and soon the route will continue towards the Somme and Reims.

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