Need to rent a bike to travel the Trans-Ardennes Greenway, the South-Ardennes Greenway or one of the many cycle routes in the Ardennes department? Are you more of a mountain bike, VTC or VAE?
Discover the various bike rental professionals in the Ardennes near your place of stay or your favorite route.

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Bicycle sports

Ardennes Rental Vae Revin – Cycles Cordier

From 30 €  / adult
Bicycle sports

Ardennes Freewheels

Furnished accommodation and Gîtes

Domaine du Risdoux castle: the castle (16 to 20 people)

From 2800 €  / week
Classified campground

Domaine d'Haulmé***

From 4 €  / night
Classified campground

Flower campsite La Samaritaine

Bicycle sports

LS – King Parc (bike rental)

From 30 €  / adult
Bicycle sports

The hiking house

Hotels – restaurants

The Loops of the Meuse

From 72 €  / night
Bike/motorbike rental

Pierrot's Bikes

From 20 €  / adult
Bicycle sports

Bike rental – Arenam – Solidarity garage

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