Église Saint-Pierre

Former church of the Benedictine priory founded in 1097 by Hugues, Count of Rethel.

Its imposing silhouette dominates the landscape for several kilometers around with dimensions out of proportion to the size of the village. The nave measures 44 meters and the bell tower rises 35 meters above the ground. Large buttresses create an imposing architecture, no large bell tower just a small campanile.

Inside, we will discover one of the most beautiful organ cases in Champagne-Ardenne. Dominated by two angels playing trumpets, its finely sculpted bas-reliefs represent the various musical accessories. Another remarkable piece, the preaching pulpit and its pyramid sounding board. The high altar is striking in its scale and opulence; it is surrounded by large paintings. The church also houses 18th century statues including a very beautiful Virgin and Child.

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