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Application Sedan Ici Avant

Free application available in French, English, Dutch and German.
Visitor circuits accessible to everyone, everywhere, all the time to provide the keys to the history of Sedan.

If you have an Android smartphone, download the “Sedan, here before” app from the Google Play Store ;
If you have an iPhone, download the “Sedan, here before” app from the Apple App Store.

The application is offered by the Society of History and Archeology of Sedanais in order to publicize, explain and transmit the historical and heritage heritage of Sedan and Sedanais.

7 hectares of ruined history
• a course in 25 remarkable points
• combination of vintage photographs, old postcards and modern views of Sedan before and after the destruction
• discovery of neighborhoods that have disappeared or been scarred
• extension of the summer 2020 exhibition

the daily life of the people of Sedan
• commercial life in Sedan accompanied scientific and technical progress
• photography and postcards as well as numerous advertising documents illustrate these developments
• these testimonials show the dynamism of its merchants, some of whom are the heirs

Unique Robur
• downgrading of the fortifications voted in 1875
• the city becomes a vast demolition site: gates, bastions and horns disappear
• construction of new neighborhoods
• some works remain, others leave traces in the landscape, still others only the name

Sedan capital of textiles
• from the beginnings of textiles in the 1990th century (Dijonval) to the closing of the last company in the early XNUMXs
• the Sedan factory experienced tremendous development over several centuries
• the city is a place of first rank until the First World War
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