19 July 10 August 2024

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Enjoy an absolutely unique experience by attending a sound and light show at La Cassine en Ardenne© near Vendresse. 

A unique mobile grandstand in Europe 

Iimagine. It's night. Around you a former convent of the Cordeliers and a huge park where the ruins of a castle of the 16e century. We invite you to sit in a covered stand with more than 1600 seats… The show begins. A first scene is played then the stand shifts to place you in front of the next scene... Over 350 meters in all.

Amazing. The show literally unfolds before your eyes.  

Great stories adapted into a sound and light show 

Shows at La Cassine in the Ardennes© each year adapt great popular stories into a sound and light show: Germinal, Sans famille, Les Misérables, Robin des Bois (in 2022 and 2023)... And for the 40th anniversary show in 2024, it is the masterful work of Victor Hugo which is revisited “Notre-Dame, beyond appearances”. They are played by nearly 150 volunteers during performances on Fridays and Saturdays from around mid-July to mid-August. These shows by La Cassine en Ardenne© are widely acclaimed by the general public. These magical evenings begin with a meal for those who wish. You may come across volunteers in the kitchen and at the service that you will then see on stage! 

David Truillard

Over 150 volunteers

They prepare, welcome you, cook and serve you meals and of course play the show!

The sound and light show of La Cassine en Ardenne©
La Cassine in the Ardennes

New show 2024, “Notre-Dame, beyond appearances”

Let yourself be transported to the “choir” of Paris. Between love, betrayal and redemption, Esmeralda, Quasimodo and the entire Court of Miracles will meet you at La Cassine, moved for the occasion to the foot of Notre Dame. Vibrate and shiver alongside them on the cobbled streets of the capital.
A classic revisited, where history mixes with passion and the grandeur of the human soul.

The show HERE

A cultural season all year round 

Otherwise, La Cassine in the Ardennes© is a cultural and tourist site. In addition to unusual accommodation (new for 2022), it offers several events. From March to October, the program is both original and convivial: Behourd tournament, giant Cluedo, open-air cinema or craft market.  

Chosen by the Stéphane Bern mission

Urban artist this exceptional heritage, supported by the Heritage Foundation, was retained by the mission Bern protection of endangered heritage in 2019. It is indeed also a quality historical site where famous people have passed: the Gonzaga (Charles de Gonzague founded Charleville), Henri IV, Cardinal Mazarin, the Grimaldi family. Guided and historical tours are also organized during Heritage Days (the next ones will take place on September 21 and 22, 2024).

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